149: Gifts

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  1. M

    kind of bawling right now. in the best way possible.

  2. pikamidge

    ohhhhh c: that is so sweet.
    love that Snorlax tshirt.

  3. TsunamiJane

    Abuela is officially awesome.

    Why is it that grandmothers are always understanding when parents – you know, the younger, supposedly more sensitive/hip generation – aren’t?

  4. Reha

    *melts* Maria’s grandmother is THE BEST!

  5. Jess


  6. z

    I love Abuela. Huzzah for love.

  7. RedPersephone

    Serious blubbing. :’)

  8. Vass

    Once again, you made me cry. Maria’s abuela is the best grandparent.

  9. Cabbage

    Ahhhh, I could cry. Abuela is the best. <3

  10. ylrjm

    OMG blub! Sooo awesome!

  11. interfexed

    I was born with an intersexed condition. The only one supportive of me swapping from what was decided on by my father when i was born, to what was more proper for me, was my mom. This gave me a big smile.

  12. CC

    ohmygod… first time a comic has made me tear up

  13. samuelorchard

    Best present everrrrr – I need to get me one of those.

  14. Dusty Halls

    Please don’t make me cry, I’m at work…

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