143: Five More Minutes

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  1. RMJ


  2. Swani

    It’s Candice! It has to be!

  3. Fayra

    … lol and here I thought I’d be the only one who thought of Candice 8D

  4. TsunamiJane

    Actually for some reason I thought it was from Mom at first….but given that she just visited, the reaction Wren is having sure doesn’t fit. Y’all are right. I’m voting for Candice.

  5. Ole Ferme l'Oeil

    This situation sounds familiar to me!
    Yay, I love having something in common with Wren

  6. Hanners

    oh goodness. Maybe this speaks to what college I go to, but my first and only thought was “Oh no Wren got her bill/Fin. Aid package for next semester!” This may just be projection, though, seeing as that’s the letter I’m waiting for in dread XD

  7. Dusty Halls

    Dunh dunh DUHHH!!!

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