134: With great power comes great responsibility

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  1. Susan


  2. Sarah TX

    Platonic cuddles were my favorite part of college. Also I would totally think I was ice-cold enough to cuddle with Nhi and then her jedi cuddling skills would turn me to jello 🙁

  3. Sixwing

    Somehow that makes me feel better about the situation. Oh, Nhi.

  4. smischmal

    With that mustache, Nhi is powerfully reminding me of Irma from The Princess. That is a good thing. 🙂

  5. TsunamiJane

    Who DOESN’T love Nhi?

  6. Just Some Trans Guy

    I really like the viewpoint (position? angle? I am unsure of correct terminology) in the first panel. It’s neato.

    Also, I too love Nhi. I think this is a likely wise decision she has made. It it a decision that I wish I too had made at times but, unwisely, did not make.

  7. Vass

    Nhi is right. I’ve had a crush on her since her first appearance, and I’m just a reader, not someone interacting with her.

  8. johnny

    nhi reminds me so much of someone i know in real life. and the relationship between her and wren — you guessed it! — of my relationship with that person.

  9. Dusty Halls

    Nhi might be right, but I still feel that she should have given Wren a totally platonic cuddle – she needs it.

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