131: They’re just going to throw it out anyway.

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  1. Rainicorn

    Haha, this is amazeballs! I’m on a meal plan at grad school and there is SO MUCH excess food. I work in the dining hall and it really upsets me how much food we throw away, but we can’t give it away because the head chef is afraid of getting sued if someone would get sick. 🙁

  2. Laughing Otter

    ahhhhh… memories…. I had a friend who could smuggle out the most amazing assortment of foods.

  3. TsunamiJane

    I always wanted to smuggle food out of the dining hall!

  4. emily_goddess

    @Rainicorn – are you in the US? Under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, a business can donate food to a nonprofit org and not be held liable if it makes people sick (unless they knowingly donate unsafe food). I don’t know if it would apply to just handing out the leftovers to students, but a soup kitchen would almost certainly be OK.

    @TsunamiJane – I recommend plastic zipper baggies. You can line your pockets with them, or just be discreet about filling them. Sometimes the dining hall staff don’t even care, as long as you’re not taking a whole pizza or something.

  5. Ihm

    I thought Sam was vegetarian. Cheers for her, though.

  6. admin

    She is! But she has no moral quandaries about obtaining meat for her hungry friends. Especially if some of them are cats.

  7. 77Suzanne

    Um, I’m so broke lately and I am full on grown up with two kids to feed. I took the kids to a birding festival the other day because it was a free event with a free lunch. Not that I don’t like birding (I do!) but when you’re picking social events because you can score some free food for the kids it is depressing. (ALSO, I am extremely privileged, typing on a computer right now and we were only broke until our next paycheck, not unemployed with no prospects.) Anyway, all this to say, if it is this hard on my middle class self I can’t imagine what is going on with the truly poor. HUGS to anyone who needs them — still donating food to the food bank when I have it to give — still proudly wearing my hilarious “Team Bella” t-shirt.

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