124: Poker face

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  1. cecpool

    Love it.

  2. Kit

    Aw c’mon, mom wasn’t born yesterday! Supet-religious or not, she’d figure out what ‘do not disturb’ really means in a college dorm! (‘Mothers = clueless’ is my pet peve, sorry! /o\)

  3. wohdin


  4. Jack

    Haha, clever Sam!

  5. admin

    Dang, I’m sorry to the people who are upset about this one. Putting Wren into awkward situations is sort of my go-to for comedy. I thought of this one (and the last) as being about Wren’s mom assuming the best about everyone (except Wren), but I can totally understand that it just reads as Wren’s mom is dumb. Sorry.

  6. secondhandmoon

    I laughed at “pagany ritual,” hehe. I suppose that’s one way of describing what Sam might be up to. 😛

    FWIW I’m not reading Wren’s mom as dumb, but I really have met parents that clueless. Clueless =/= dumb. I think some parents either really are that separated from their kids’ world or they just tune out anything they’d prefer to ignore.

  7. Vass

    I read it not as ‘Wren’s mother is dumb’ but as ‘Wren’s mother deliberately self-censors to the degree that she can’t perceive the world accurately.’

  8. samorchard

    Your comics make me so incredibly happy, I’m so pleased your updating again!!!

  9. TsunamiJane

    I love the colors of the sock. 🙂

  10. RedPersephone

    I agree with Vass. My parents do that all the time.

  11. RedPersephone

    Also, so SO happy you’re back, and things are going better for you! 🙂

  12. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Lol xD

    …actually this almost happened to me with some mormon missionaries a couple days ago >.<

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