Art Break: Flashback

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  1. Jess

    I love these kinds of insights into the creative process 🙂

  2. Emily_Goddess

    I like Sam with freckles (I’m assuming they’re freckles, not just spots on my monitor…)

  3. TsunamiJane

    I like Sam with beads.

  4. Daf

    wow, it is nice

    I like wren’s hair it is looks like mine<a href=";..

  5. Jesse

    Is Maria reading Hunk Rump?

  6. 77Suzanne

    I really value this insight into the artistic process of a someone who draws. I cannot even draw a stick figure well so it all seems like magic to me. 🙂 But I see here that it is similar to writing about a character in that you are simply creating character albeit in a visual way!

  7. admin

    Haha, no, Swamp Thing. I hadn’t actually read any of MSPA until last week.

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