111: Snobbesque

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  1. Rainicorn

    Hahaha, I love Sam so much! She is basically me 😛

    Happy Bloomsday for Thursday, y’all! Someday I will have a magical Bloomsday in Dublin…

  2. Eve

    I JUST started watching Lost. Sam, is it not meant to be? ;_;

  3. Just Some Trans Guy

    HEE. Though, really, Wren’s one to talk, considering the fit she went into when Sam called the Star Wars beasties “space ponies.” (Tauntauns, yes? My geekery runs more towards Trek than Wars, apologies.)

    I am enjoying this storyline, not least because I remember occasionally hanging out with the anime club kids in my own college years as a friend-of-a-friend type. Good times. 🙂

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