108: Close But No Cookies

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  1. Jade Carver

    I hate to say it, but… only in America would they actually air a commercial like that *shakes head*.

  2. Paige

    Sadly I have had to say this before, as well. Yes, I am in fact, a real thing.

  3. pikamidge

    this reminds me of a Margaret Cho story
    “why don’t you talk to our viewers IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE?”

  4. TsunamiJane

    I love that Ashley, talks in an uptalk? And probably, puts pauses in her sentences unnecessarily, hence my extra commas?

  5. Bri

    Oh! Is wren supposed to appear asian? (It’s hard to tell in a drawing, …) I didn’t get that until the comments. I totally thought Ashley was reffering to gay culture. Since fangirls are always fawning over yaoi. And being a gay mormon would be a pretty funny, ‘contradiction’.

  6. Steph

    @Bri: Yeah, if you check the Characters page, you’ll see Wren’s family name is Watanabe, which is heavily indicative of some sort of Asian presence in one’s family tree.

  7. Rainicorn

    oh, for heaven’s sake, what an awful commercial! Hey, Starburst people, I went to high school in Scotland, and I can assure you that Asian Scots exist! And they are not “a contradiction”! They are not “funny”! They are people! *headdesk*

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