#100: Near Miss

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  1. Sarah TX

    YAY! I am glad this turned out not-scary! And also friendship-affirming.

  2. pikamidge

    aw, i hope maria gets to have some good times soon, she’s been pretty lonesome for a while…

  3. Fayra

    Awww that was a sweet scene, and I’m glad Maria is ok

    …This reminds me of your comic #20. For some reason, I find that really sweet <3

  4. M

    awwwwww. also I somehow had not commented here before now but I’ve been following for a while and riot nrrd is my favorite webcomic ever of all time, just so you know. yay for hitting the 100 mark!

  5. A.

    Is that “Maria is puckering at Wren” in a drunksleepy fashion, or . . . something else! Why am I the only one not getting *just* an “aww, sweet” vibe from this one!

  6. Alix

    A., I thought the same thing! oh God, can you imagine Maria and Wren, though? for me that’s like imagining myself with my longtime best friend. Jesus, no. if I keep imagining THAT, I might vomit.

  7. asubjectivity

    Congrats on 100 comics :). I’m glad this didn’t turn out all weird and awkward. Yay friendship!

  8. Anna

    a ha ha! This is a very sweet one.

  9. Katherine

    Wow, for some reason I thought the person that put the lampshade on Wren was one of Nhi’s friends :S I thought she found Nhi’s party but was too tired to join in or something 🙁 I’m so easily confused.

  10. Emily Emily Emily


    (I totally was also confused about the person putting the lampshade on Wren’s head.)

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