#90: Creative Differences

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  1. Just Some Trans Guy

    Oh, Palmer, it’s not been a very good day for you thus far, has it?

    I dig the BxW panels!

  2. Bri

    Poor Maria. The distance must realy be getting to her… Does anyone else think she’s been looking heavier? Is that a new way of drawing or a sign of stress?

  3. Dusty Halls

    From a writing POV – Wren is in the right. Annika might be concerned about the side-effects (depending on what they are) and therefore not want the whole team to know, and perhaps asked Javid to not tell the others. Maria should know understand how someone would want something to be kept confidential until the individual concerned can come to grips with it.

    From a reader’s POV – I lurve the B&W – it reminds me of the way John Higgins used a different set of colours for the Tales Of The Black Freighter comic within Watchmen. It works, keep using it!

  4. EmilyEmilyEmily


    (Subtext aside, Wren is probably being perfectly reasonable with how the characters might react to stuff like this. I certainly don’t tell all my friends about every potential complication in my life. At least some of that is fear of victim blaming and stuff, but still)

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