#83: Blurt

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  1. EmilyEmilyEmily

    Should I recognize that tattoo?

  2. Revieloutionne

    …Is that an alethiometer?

  3. Tia

    I was just going to ask the same thing as Emily^3 there. It looks eerily familiar to me but I can’t quite place it.

  4. admin

    Totally an alethiometer. I didn’t draw it quite right, unfortunately. I don’t know when or if I’ll get to Nhi’s reason for getting it.

  5. TsunamiJane

    I had to look up alethiometer…..very nice.

  6. Katherine

    Poor Wren. Horrible author, torturing your characters like this 😛

  7. Michelle

    IT’S AN ALETHIOMETER! Lovely 😀 I want one of those…unfortunately when I talked to an artist he said he didn’t think we could get it big enough to do justice to all the symbols.

  8. Dusty Halls

    Wow, am I an oldschool nerd – I thought it was an Omni from Voyagers.

  9. RMJ

    I love Wren’s freakout face in panel 3.

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