#66: Customer Service

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  1. Loquamani

    I used to work in a library. Not only is that a totally accurate depiction of how patrons behave, I also have this related story:

    Our library had a bird problem. Sparrows would get in through the automatic doors. We had meetings on it and everything – they were damaging books with their poop! I worked on the third floor, which had floor to ceiling windows and the birds ALWAYS wound up there. Every hour or so someone would come up to me in all seriousness and ask, “Did you know there’s a bird in here?” And the, like, expect me to fly after it, or something? “Yes, I do,” was obviously not the expected response.

  2. Sixwing

    Speaking as someone who worked in a library:
    BWHAHAHAHAHAHA that is so how it is!

    I hope things get easier for you soon.

  3. Katherine

    Hey don’t worry if real life intrudes and you don’t have time to draw comics. We might all have massive withdrawl symptoms from a lack of your comic, but we’ll live 😛

  4. Whirlwitch

    My Mom has been a university librarian since before I was born (so at least 35 years) and spent a good bit of it as a reference librarian. She had to deal with grown adults entering a good-sized business management library and asking for “the red book on, like, business”.

  5. 77Suzanne

    I have been working in my kid’s elementary school library. I just do the check-in/check out stuff and help re-shelve. However the questions the little kids ask are not dissimilar from this scenario.

  6. admin

    Yeah, I’ve also gotten, “I’m looking for a book I saw on history. It isn’t very thick, and it isn’t very old.”

  7. persephassax

    I say you get to shamelessly steal from real life when it’s as hilarious as this. I’m going to be re-reading this and giggling to myself for quite a while.

  8. Krypfto

    Well everybody knows that the bird is the word.

  9. EmilyEmilyEmily

    I am with the “if stealing from your life when it’s this amusing is cheating then keep cheating a lot” camp. 😛

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