#3: The MetaphoricalPuppyVerse

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  1. Ian Arcticus

    I love this “WORST PUPPY EVER!” It made me smile.

  2. TheDeviantE

    Oh god, I love the puppy’s little Joss Whedonesque hair crimpy. It’s awesome!

  3. monica


  4. Ben

    A friend suggests that the last panel would make a seriously awesome tshirt

  5. Cindy

    Too bad you can go home again, because I want to live in this comic. Bravo.

  6. ohands

    So damn true!

    (Just read your archives and am really loving it.)

  7. Hanners

    Hey! I just got linked here from DAR! and OH MY GOD it’s like you’re inside my head! Looking forward to reading the whole archives. This is fantastic!

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