SUPER #1 is now avaliable!

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  1. Socchan

    I have so been looking forward to this! BRB, buying my own copy <3

  2. Kitty L.

    I will be putting my Xmas gift-cash to good use and ordering soon!

  3. dorothean

    You sent me Riot Nrrd last night and I have already read it! Here’s my quick review on Goodreads:

    I think Super is going to be a Yuletide fandom next year. 😀

  4. Becca

    Every time I am procrastinating horribly and click on this page to check for updates and still see this I think “This person is productive on multiple projects! Becca, Y U No more productive?” and get back to work.
    …You’re ruining my procrastination tool with your productivity dammit! 😉

  5. alanna

    Oh! Oh! Oh! My copy came in the mail today and I love it! Yay! Hooray!

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